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Hong Kong Museum of History - The Eternal Realm of China's First Emperor Exhibition

Vega was engaged to provide design and build service of digital projection system, show audio system, control system and electrical services for the special exhibition – The Eternal Realm of China’s First Emperor, in Hong Kong Museum Of History. 

Totally 32 numbers of projectors were used to create large scene at the 270˚ curved screen of the first emperor’s terracotta army pits in the ancient time. With a blink of the eyes, visitors are transported back to the twentieth century to relive the discovery of the terracotta warriors. Visitors will experience the archaeological excavation of the terracotta army and bronze chariots pits.

By applying bending surface projection on three 2.7m and four 1.9m tall terracotta warriors models, with the help of light and sound effects, the production and restoration process of the terracotta figurines are demonstrated.

In the terracotta warrior workshop, a setup of four models of terracotta with multi touch control screen and projectors and touch screen computer was built. Visitors have a chance to be creative and repaint the warriors by using the interactive touch screen.

Also, with a 7m x 2.5m big screen – The image of Qin warrior and his horses was reproduced by combing two projection images, and secrets of the underground empire was revealed. Through the augmented reality technology, visitors will experience a simulated sight of the Qin army, waving charioteers and dancing cranes.


Services provided: Audio visual system implementation

Year of Completion: 2012


Technology Brands

Visual - Panasonic, Kramer

Audio - TOA, JBL, B&W

Control - AMX, Austin Hughes


Key Solutions

  • Digital projection system
  • Show audio system
  • Electrical services installations
  • Thermo monitoring system

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