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Cloud Based Video Conferencing

As the name suggests, clients no longer need to invest in their own video conferencing infrastructure. A simple way for you to gain all the benefits of video conferencing, whether it’s from a meeting room or through a personal device- is to connect via a cloud-based service that is always available with guaranteed high definition quality. No matter which video conferencing solution you prefer, whether software or hardware based, a cloud service offers complete connectivity, interoperability, with peace of mind.

Clients who already have on-site video conferencing infrastructure can integrate cloud-based services to provide a hybrid solution maximizing the return from their existing technology while utilizing the flexibility and scalability of emerging services.

Vega's Cloud Service Suite includes;

  • Hosted video conferencing service plans
  • Concierge services
  • Real-time endpoint monitoring and maintenance
  • Real-time infrastructure monitoring and management
  • Utilization reporting

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