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Broadcasting / IPTV


An IPTV solution from Vega can accommodate multiple satellite and digital terrestrial feeds or encode digital content from a variety of other sources, and multicast them across an IP network.

Live TV channels and encoded content can be presented on large format displays using a hardware receiver or on a PC, laptop or tablet using a software client.

An intuitive management suite can centrally manage distribution and access rights.


Our video on demand service puts the user in complete control of the digital content they view and when they view it. It lets you request an on-demand, pre-published and pre-recorded digital media which is centrally stored on a content library.

The viewer can rewind, fast forward, pause and resume content at a time that suits them.

Live Streaming

If you have breaking news or a scheduled event such as a company announcement, live streaming allows users to view the broadcast live on a portal accessed via a URL. This service can also be made available via web-casting which enables users to connect via the internet. Any live broadcast can be recorded and viewed later, via our Video on Demand service.

For further details on the range of digital media solutions available, or to discuss any project you may have in mind, speak to a member of our team.

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