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The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Founded in 1963, The Chinese University of Hong Kong is one of the top universities in Hong Kong and Asia. The beautiful campus houses a range of facilities essential for an all-around campus experience. When it comes to choosing an audiovisual system integrator, the standard is set high. With extensive experience and expertise in the industry, Vega has won 4 major projects from the client in the year of 2013: University Gallery, College Chapel, Lee Woo Sing College, and The Nethersole School of Nursing.

1) University Gallery

Brands Highlight: Apple, Bose, Bosch, Cisco, Dell, Edge Blending, Epson, Kimoto, Kramer, Lenovo, LG, Logitech, Sharp

The University Gallery was opened in November 2013 to celebrate its Golden Jubilee. Located at the main entrance of the University Library, it is designed to show the University’s history, milestones, memorable moments and achievements in the past 50 years. To bring the history to visitors with an impressive and memorable tour, the Gallery called upon Vega to deploy audiovisual technology to help display photographs, artifacts and multimedia resources in a more interesting way.

Vega understands that the gallery does not have dedicated on-site technical staff, so the systems have to be easy to use and maintain. There need to be easier methods for operations personnel to change content and schedules. On the other hand, AV benefits by being less obtrusive. When visitors interact with the images and forget about all the technology, that’s when AV is working as it should. Vega provides the best solution that works for the client.

Only One Finger Touch Away To The History-Touch Screen for Photo Display

Hundreds of precious photographs that witness the history of University are displayed by 3x Dell 21.5” 16:9 Full HD touch panels. These stylish panels provide good screen clarity and smooth touch experience plus image enhance designed to sharpen images, improve color hues and boost color contrast. Nowadays, people are so used to viewing photographs on their smartphone, iPad, and other touch screen devices. Embedded with today’s technology, the system is a truly user-friendly and efficient way of showing the images of the old days.

Holographic Elect DILAD Projection Screen

Engaged with the interior design to deliver the feeling of an overwhelming Chinese culture, the projection system deployed on the upper floor was set up in an innovative way which not only fits perfectly with the layout but also engages the traditional design to the modern way of delivering audio-visual experiences.  Two sets of glass screens facing each other were set on each side of the pillar in the middle of the gallery on the upper floor. On each screen, there is a semi-transparent Kimoto GSK DILAD screen applied. Using specialized coating technology, its light diffusion layer and forward scattering characteristics generate an image on the screen with high contrast and brightness. 4x Epson WXGA 3,100 lumens wireless ceiling mount short-throw projectors were set identically to deliver video images onto the screen respectively with 4x Bose modular line array loudspeakers to play the sound. These projectors boast low running costs, which suit the gallery that is running long hours every day. Visitors may choose to play the videos they like by a finger touch on the iPad attached next to each glass screen.

On the lower floor, there is a small theatre-like space for showing videos on a wide curve wall through 2x Epson 6,000 lumens professional installation full HD projectors set up next to each other. Vega had to set the projectors with perfect pixel alignment for the clear and correctly aligned picture, with edge-blending technology enables the projection of a large, widescreen image from dual projectors working together seamlessly.

Interactive Display-Connect the Visitors in a More Elective Way

One of the seven zones in the University Gallery is designed to introduce and appreciate the contribution of the professors. 1x LG 47” professional LCD monitor with touch screen feature was installed for visitors to choose the video of the professors they are interested to learn about. Other 2x LG 47” LCD monitors were set up at the entrance of the zone to play videos in a circular manner. 1x Sharp 70” LED iDTV was embedded into the wall to play the development of the University campus.

The combination of education plus entertainment makes for incredibly fertile possibilities. The client definitely appreciates the value that   AV technology brings to presenting their collections to capture their visitors’ imagination.

2) Lee Woo Sing College

Brands highlight: Bose, Dell, DydraVision, Epson, Extron, Ho Tin, JBL, JTS, Kramer, LG, Mackie, Panasonic, Sharp, Shure, Sony, StarTech, Tascam, TOA, Vega, Yamaha


Lee Woo Sing College is one of the five new colleges of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, set up in 2006 and 2007; it is a medium sized college accommodating 1,200 students. Aiming to provide more opportunities to youngsters with different aspirations of what may help them to achieve the goals of their life, the college invests on both hardware and software to create a well-equipped study environment for the students. When the college decided to have a system renovation and upgrade, they called upon Vega as a trusted system integrator.

Digital Signage

Nowadays, more and more schools, colleges and universities are turning to digital signage to inform, educate and alert their campuses. These communication networks provide a critical link between campus administrators and the student body and facility. For day to day operations, they provide basic announcements and information about campus activities and events, and to direct foot traffic in the event of construction, building closures or classroom changes. Campus-wide digital signage networks are also essential during campus-wide emergencies including weather alerts, hostile or intrusion- based events, and for other crisis-management situations. Vega deployed 25x Sharp LCD displays with HydraVision digital signage systems in all common areas including the cafeteria, lobby, corridor, fitness and dance room, multipurpose halls, and seminar rooms. Using the HydraVision digital signage system, the content may be frequently and easily updated. The digital signage solution for education replaces the static text with an eye-catching display that incorporates moving images, video, TV, Scrolling text and highlights messages to create an impact from almost everywhere on the campus.

Multi-purpose Hall and Seminar Rooms

As the most commonly used system in the education field, projection equipment has been essential in the campus for a long time. There are two 45,000s.f. multi-purpose halls in Lee Woo Sing College, both with glass windows along the back and one side. The ceiling is about two-story high in the major hall and one-story high in the other. With nature daylight comes through the window, the area is not only spacious but also bright. Vega installed 2x giant electric screens (8m x 6m and 6m x 4.5m) with 2x Panasonic high brightness projectors at each of the multi-purpose halls respectively. The HD projection and large screen solution ensure the people sitting at the back also get to see the images clearly.

In the seminar rooms, Epson wireless multimedia projectors were installed for flexible use of connectivity, with 120” (4:3) Vega motorize screen incorporated with the highest grade matte white fabric for the best image quality. JTS wireless microphone system was deployed in multi-purpose halls and seminar rooms. Having eliminated the need for cables, the system is handier and the environment becomes tidier.

The mini theatre is a performance space and movie theatre on campus. It is designed to be utilized for college events and multimedia presentations. A set of compact but powerful Panasonic 7000 ANSI lumens WXGA 16:10 widescreen format projector was installed to deliver vivid and colorful images onto the matte white surface of a Vega 150” electric screen. 2x LG 38” 16:4 stretched displays were installed on each side of the stage. As the monitors are stretched with a wide aspect ratio, they are perfect for displaying two separate pieces of content. These Widescreen LCD Monitors are content interchangeable with each other, with the 'Zoom' function saves costs on creating content. Yamaha digital mixing console is installed in the control room to capture the perfect moments in a stunning 96kHz sound. It supports multi-track recording and playback in live sound applications. 10x JBL speakers were installed to provide the top quality sound, which impresses the audiences with a cinema-like performance for video and music.

3) College Chapel

Brands highlight: AJA, Blackmagic, Crestron, Extron, Furman, HP, Intel, Kramer, Samsung, Sony, SC&T


Built in 1961, the College Chapel is situated halfway up the hill along Chung Chi Road. It is the center of many College activities from academic to cultural. Every Friday, the chapel serves 300 to 500 students according to the College’s general education requirement. The client called upon Vega to deploy an HD Live Camera system, aiming to feature the view of the stage area with HD images.

Vega installed 3 x SONY BRC-Z330 HD color video camera. One was set up in the middle of the chapel for a full view of the venue, and the other 2 sets were positioned atop the podiums respectively on each side of the stage. The BRC-Z330 employs a 1/3-type ClearVid CMOS image sensor and is both HD and SD capable. By incorporating an 18x optical zoom lens, the BRC-Z330 enables users to zoom in on small or distant objects with a high degree of accuracy. The BRC-Z330 simultaneously delivers HD images (1080i or 720p) and SD images. The cameras were controlled by SONY MCS-8M HD/SD Video Switcher. Designed to be simple with intuitive operability, the MCS-8M reduces learning curve time with affordable price. It is well-suited for applications in the worship.

8x Samsung 55” LED TV were installed along the corridor and also at the far back end of the hall. There are several sources of possible contents, including inspirational video montages, announcements, and a live feed from the chapel’s cameras. With 3 advanced and easy to use panels and an intuitive Smart Hub UI flipping motion, Smart Hub allows the client to search and access content quickly and easily.

4) The Nethersole School of Nursing

Brands highlight: BEHRINGER, Clearone, Crestron, JBL, JTS, Kramer, Panasonic, TOA, Vega, Epson


The Nethersole School of Nursing, formerly the Department of Nursing, was established under the Faculty of Medicine in 1991. It is the first university department of nursing in Hong Kong. The primary focus of the School is on high-quality nursing education and research so that nurses can make a major contribution to improving health for the people of Hong Kong and to facilitating the development of the nursing profession. Having used services from Vega for many years and always satisfied by the job done, the University called upon Vega again when the Nethersole School of Nursing needed a renovation and upgrade of AV facilities. The project included the design, supply, and deployment of audiovisual technology for 10 teaching labs and 1 computer room.

Teaching Labs

An Identical AV solution was implemented into each lab with Epson 4000lm multimedia projector, Vega 84” x 84” manual screen, JTS wireless microphone system, TOA speaker, BEHRINGER audio mixer, and Kramer 9-input pro scale presentation scaler with Ethernet control.

Computer Room

The computer room can either be divided into two breakout rooms or used as one large room. When used as one single space, 4x ceiling- mounted Epson projectors deliver same images onto 4x Vega electric screens simultaneously; while the room is divided into two breakout rooms, every two sets of projects operate respectively, with each set controlled by a user-friendly touch panel for easy control. JTS wireless microphone and goose neck desktop microphones were installed to work with TOA wall-mount speakers. The operations of the audio system can be integrated for a single combined room or separated for break- out rooms.


Project : 2011, 2012, 2013, 2017

Location : Hong Kong

Services provided: Audiovisual system implementation

Key Solution

  • Audio System
  • Vide System
  • Central Control System

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