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04 Jan 2021

The effective video meeting solutions for different workspaces

The coronavirus outbreak forces us to work at home or other places to avoid threatening from it ─ So, have you chosen the right solution for your new workspace? Vega prepared three solutions which allow you to collaborate with others seamlessly anywhere.


① Solution for Work From Home | All Day Comfort

The main consideration of the VC solution for work from home should be comfortability. This bundle allows you to work from home productively in a comfortable way even you are in the video conference for long hours.


② Solution for Office | Seamless Conferencing Experience

User-friendliness & quality are important for the built-in conference system in the boardroom.  This solution is suitable for medium to large meeting rooms; allows one-touch to join the scheduled meetings and provide premium video conference experience with the meeting participants.


③ Solution for Anywhere | Flexible Collaboration Option

The mobile video conference cart allows you to connect with others anytime, anywhere with high conference quality.



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