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20 May 2020

Enjoy Premier VC Experience with our Bundle Offer ─ Crestron + Logitech + Microsoft Teams / Zoom

Enjoy Premier VC Experience ─ 

Crestron Flex + Logitech VC Solution + Microsoft Teams / Zoom 


In this challenging time of the global covid-19 pandemic, have you stepped up your unified communications solution for your employees?

Check out our new bundle offer and deliver seamless video conferencing solutions, room control, scheduling, and management experience for your meeting rooms 


● Solutions for every meeting spaces


● Features

Seamless Room Experience 

The new bundle provides customers a seamless room experience from videoconferencing to advanced room controls such as occupancy sensors, wireless presentation, source switching, and beyond.


Built for Microsoft Teams® and Zoom Rooms

Delivering one consistent, seamless experience anywhere and everywhere.

Microsoft® Teams: Crestron Flex UC-C160-T + Logitech Meetup

Zoom Rooms: Crestron Flex UC-C160-Z + Logitech Meetup


One singular management platform

Crestron XiO Cloud™, seamlessly integrates with Logitech’s Sync software. This enables support teams to easily manage all of the technology in a meeting room with a simple set of tools, while also providing key insights about how employees work & how the workspace is being utilized.


Pairs with Crestron Scheduling

Having the Crestron Flex C-Series, means always having the ability to add Crestron Scheduling. A solution that delivers the right information, at the right time, to help employees find the right spaces.


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