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15 May 2020

PulseSecure VPN Solution

HOME = OFFICE with VPN Solution 👍

 PulseSecure VPN Solution ─ Secure Your Employees to Access Corporate Resources from ANY LOCATION 


How To Work at Home Efficiently With Corporate Application & Resources?

Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, most employees are encouraged to work from home to avoid possible infection by the epidemic. With the working environment shifted from the usual office set up to the comforts of home, how can the employees use all the necessary programs and materials from office to allow them to operate normally? We have the right solution.

PulseSecure VPN Solution Securely access to corporate Applications & Resources from ANY LOCATION



                                                  SPECIAL FEATURES                                                 

  • Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device ─ Secured access anytime, anywhere, from any device with comprehensive security control
  • Administrative Ease of Use ─ Equipped with a browser-based graphical interface that provides powerful real-time and analysis and history for traffic
  • Security and User-friendliness ─ Consolidates and streamlines access for quick, always-on secure connectivity to resources and compliance check before and during a network session.




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