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15 May 2020

Home Office Made Easy & Efficient ─ Cloud-Based VC Platform

Home Office Made Easy & Efficient ─ 

Cloud-Based Video Conference Platform


Due to the severe coronavirus outbreak, working from home is becoming a necessity for a lot of people. While thousands of businesses are trying to figure out how to stay operational efficiency in a virtual world, Vega is working in the same pace with you by providing a Cloud-based VC platform to ease your communication with clients and your colleagues. 


              Benefits of using a Cloud-based VC Platform              

1. User-friendliness

  • Easy to use, user just need to register an account, then build up their own virtual meeting room anytime and anywhere
  • Participants join the meeting room through a link simply


2. Recording Function

  • Allow meeting participants to review and watch again at their own phase
  • Allow sharing to those who missed the meeting


3. Interactive

  • Provide two-way communication between hosting & participants
  • Allow resources sharing & real-time voting
  • Everyone can ask & give responses immediately


Cloud-Based Video Conferencing Platform allows you & your partners work seamlessly together even at different locations. To experience the excellent VC Platform, contact us to reserve a free trial today.




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