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13 Feb 2020

Turns any dry-erase board into a digital whiteboard with Crestron AirBoard™

Remote Interactive Learning Made Easy ─ Crestron AirBoard™


With the number of coronavirus cases increasing each day, many people in Hong Kong are encouraged to work remotely. Corporate offices and schools strive for operational or learning continuity amid the outbreak. But how can your organization ensure streamlined communication and collaboration when presenting at a meeting or while conducting lectures and training remotely?

Vega introduces Crestron AirBoard™ ─

a dynamic content sharing solution that features ease and flexibility of use.


       Crestron AirBoard™ ─ Turns any dry-erase board into a digital whiteboard       

1. Install Easily ─ Simply attach the camera arm above the board, click & pair with the user interface.

2. Display & Share Effortlessly ─ All it takes is a web browser to display or share content.

3. Collaborate Efficiently ─ It uses (PDF/PNG) for save & send that can be shared in almost any software tool.

4. High Compatibility ─ Open-platform compatible with any UC/VTC solution (Zoom / Teams / Webex / BlueJeans)



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